A highly talented businessman and entrepreneur, Geoffrey Gotliffe owns and operates two private firms. First, Gotliffe established an independent accounting service company that works with individuals and corporations to help with start-up planning, tax return preparation, monthly accounting, tax planning, and other endeavors. Geoffrey Gotliffe also remains the Owner of Gotliffe Properties, an organization that rents homes to individuals looking for properties in the Northern Virginia area and into the Carolinas in the United States.

After graduating with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, Geoffrey Gotliffe accepted the position of Staff Accountant at the Cleveland & Gotliffe, PC firm in Reston, Virginia. Since 2010, he has served as an Auditor, Tax Preparer, and Head of Marketing for this company. Gotliffe, who is currently studying for his Certified Public Accountant exam, plans to purchase the Cleveland & Gotliffe firm in 2014. He will sit for his CPA exam in the coming months and hopefully obtain licensure this year. Geoffrey Gotliffe also works as a Staff Accountant for the Timothy J. Kreber, CPA office.

During Geoffrey Gotliffe’s years as a student, he first enrolled at the Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina. There, Gotliffe earned an Associate of Arts degree before he enrolled at the University of North Carolina–Charlotte (Belk) the following semester, in August 2007. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting in December 2009 and then embarked on a career in the financial services industry. For more information about the services provided by Geoffrey Gotliffe at Independent Accounting Services, visit the official website at www.geoffgotliffe.com.


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